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Top 5 Teams
Marissa's Pawsome Treats $6,452.00
Camp Bow Wow $4,880.00
Lucy's Legacy $2,987.00
Upstate Underdog Rescue $2,680.00
Unity House $2,453.00
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Top 5 Fundraisers
Richard Nash $ 3,140.00
Samuel Dearth $ 2,400.00
Laura Anglin $ 1,675.00
Jenn Nolan $ 1,555.00
Marissa Hebert $ 1,477.00
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You Walk Because You Care

Your participation shows that you care. You probably know many people who love their pets deeply and also believe in helping our community's homeless animals. Raising money for the animals may be much easier than you think!

Here's How to Raise $200 in One Week

DAY 1:  Set up your own Paws in the Park fundraising page and sponsor yourself for $30. It's important for people to see that you are supporting the cause as well. Email your friends and ask them to sponsor you.
DAY 2:  Ask two family members for $20 each. (that's $70)
DAY 3:  Ask three friends to contribute $10 each. (now you're at $100)
DAY 4:  Ask three co-workers to sponsor you for $10 each. (up to $130)
DAY 5:  Ask two neighbors to contribute $10 cash. (already at $150)
DAY 6:  Ask your boss or a vendor to contribute of $25. (almost there with $175)
DAY 7:  Ask a business you frequent to contribute $25. ($200 - you did it!)   

The number one reason people don't give is because they haven't been personally asked.


Go Team!

A team is a group of two to twenty people who raise pledges individually and have their pledges added to the team's total. Teams can be made up of anyone who cares about animals -- friends, family members, co-workers, classmates. Team members are eligible for prizes for the individual pledges they collect and there are additional prizes for the top three teams.

Each team is led by a Team Captain who is responsible for registering the team online and making sure all members sign up through the website

Team Captain's Job - The Team Captain is the point person for the team with these responsibilities:

  • Recruit team members.
  • Come up with an awesome team name.
  • Register the team online and make sure each team member pre-registers before the walk.
  • Encourage team members to set up their own fundraising page and start collecting pledges.
  • Check in with team members and encourage them to raise money.
  • Make sure all team members submit their completed pledge forms (for paper pledges) online or at the event. (Pledges collected after the walk are welcome, but will not count toward team or individual fundraising totals.)

Ways to Lead a Team in Fun and Success!

  • Brainstorm with your team to come up with a "signature look." T-shirts, hats, costumes and banners are all great ways to stand out and show your pet pride!
  • Inspire your team with a visit to the shelter to see the animals who need their support.
  • Share our Facebook posts with them as a reminder of why they're walking.

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